in-house apprenticeship program

The goal of the JETS program is to provide training for people to be successful in their career, not just pass an exam. We are passionate about helping our team grow so they can increase their value in the marketplace, earn more money year after year, and live a great life throughout their working years AND retirement! 

Foreman development Program

Moving from a Lead Electrician role to the Foreman position is a huge challenge and career milestone. We worked with a well-known industry expert to develop our Foreman Development Program. The team is given an opportunity to learn about best practices, safety, people management, technology, and other valuable leadership skills.

Study groups & Book Clubs

We are known to be an electrical contractor that thinks and acts much differently than our peers. Our team is given the opportunity to participate in personal and professional study groups so they can continuously learn and increase their capabilities within the marketplace. Our leadership team has the passion to help people grow and develop in their careers, and this is just one of the many ways we offer to help!

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